We at Tech Needs value the contributions of our employees. We strive to provide our workforce with a wide range of benefits that will enhance both our employees’ lives and their work experience.

Health Insurance

In appreciation of your dedicated service, we are pleased to offer a variety of affordable health plans. All temporary staffing employees that are working 30 hours or more per week and have completed their 59 day waiting period are eligible for coverage.

We are currently offering the following types of insurance:

The MEC Plan

through the Freedom Care. The MEC plan will satisfy the IRS requirement for health insurance coverage as defined by the Affordable Care Act and prevent the employee from incurring the “Individual Mandate “penalty in 2018. The plan utilizes the First Health Network which is one of the nation’s largest networks with nearly 490,000 healthcare professionals. Please note that this plan is NOT minimum essential coverage for purposes of the individual health coverage requirements in Massachusetts.

MEC Plan coverage details

MEC Elevate Plan

The MEC Elevate Plan through Freedom Care provides more covered services such as coverage for Emergency Room Care and certain Diagnostic Tests and Imaging not covered under the MEC plan. This plan is available to residents of all fifty (50) states.

MEC Elevate Plan coverage details

MVP (Minimum Value Plan)

Tech Needs offers full-time eligible employees a Minimum Value Plan that utilizes the Cigna PPO Health Network. This plan provides certain coverage after meeting a $7,150 deductible. You will also have access to a national First Health Network which can lower out-of-pocket expenses.

MVP Plan coverage details

For a detailed list of all our plans & weekly pricing, view our 2018 Enrollment Guide.

Other Health Benefits

RX Valet. This service may help you to reduce the cost of certain prescription medications.
MeMD. See a doctor 24/7, from your home, online! (Think FaceTime/WebCam)

How to Enroll

Our Health Insurance Open enrollment will run from December 15, 2017 to December 30, 2017 for coverage effective January 1, 2018. Dental and Vision coverage will be effective for February 1, 2018.
We are offering several different health plans for you to choose from. You can access the information on the health plans available to you in one of three ways:

1) You can go online and log into the Freedom Care website by entering the following into your browser: Click Register and set up your account using your Group Id number C002312 and your social security number. Review your options & choose your coverage.

2) Text ENROLL to 367-655. You will receive a link to set up your account.

3) Call the Freedom Care enrollment Center and one of their knowledgeable representatives will assist you. The representatives are available Monday through Friday 9:00am to 9:00pm EST at 1-844-300-6497. There is a Benefit Consultant available to you (multi-lingual) to explain your options and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Breanne by email at or by phone at (603) 328-1248.

Dental and Vision Insurance

Tech Needs currently offers a combined Dental and Vision insurance plan through Freedom Care. Keep a bright, healthy smile while supporting your overall well-being with affordable dental and vision coverage. FreedomDental +Vision is a direct reimbursement combination plan that pays certain dental and vision expenses. You can choose to go to any dentist or vision specialist. Examples over covered benefits include annual eye exam, frames and lenses, teeth cleaning, and fillings.

Dental & Vision plan details

Direct Deposit

We at Tech Needs are here to make your life a little easier by offering Direct Deposit for your weekly paycheck. It’s a more convenient and secure way to be paid each week. The best part of all is that your funds are available to you immediately after they are deposited by your bank. Please make sure to check with your bank to see that your money is in your bank account before you start spending. We are not responsible for any overdraft fees that can occur.
For more information on Direct Deposit, visit our FAQs

No Fee Pay Cards

Coming Soon!

Referral Bonus

Tech Needs is always looking for good people. That’s where you come in! If you know someone who is looking for work and they meet the qualifications for an existing open position, you may be awarded a bonus. The bonus can range from $50.00 to $500.00 (after all statutory federal and state income taxes) for most positions we have available.  All qualified referred employees must be on assignment (actively on our payroll) for a minimum of 45 days. If you know someone who is looking for work please see our “Refer a Friend” under the Job Seeker section of our website.