Success Stories


Our small startup has relied heavily on Technical Needs over the past three years. Their recruitment and customer service staff is diligent, but not pushy. I found them to be very genuine in their efforts to help our company succeed. Of our current full-time staff of 12, 4 were candidates initially contracted through Tech Needs- I think that speaks to the quality of those efforts.

– President, Green Energy Technologies, Southern, NH

Technical Needs Staffing provides outstanding value to our company.  Their ability to understand and  support our business, capture our needs, and then provide candidates with the right background and skills is above and beyond other temporary agencies I have worked with.  The staff continually demonstrates their ability to be flexible, to be responsive and to always be there when we need them.  They understand the concept of “the right person, in the right job”.

– Vice President, Human Resources, Cambridge, MA

We recently added a large number of people to our help desk for PC hardware in support of a 12,000 call-per-month initiative. Technical Needs was very instrumental in helping us staff for this. Mike and his staff were, and continue to be, always readily available to assist us in hiring analysts when needed. They represent the utmost professionalism when dealing with the hiring of new employees. In addition, the office staff at Technical Needs has handled our account with a dedication to detail, which we recognize and appreciate.

– Support Center Manager within the IT Industry

Mike and his staff are a hard-working group of professionals who strive to give the needed support to our organization so that we may give our customers world class support.

– Manager within the IT Industry

Technical Needs Staffing continues to do an excellent job in supporting our business for temporary staffing. Their team is very knowledgeable and always responds quickly to our needs. In the very beginning, they took the initiative to come onsite to learned about our company, to better understand our business needs. Their goal has always been to ensure that we have the best placements for our temporary needs. We have utilized their expertise for Technicians, Manufacturing Machine Operators as well as Administrative staff. They are proactive and are quickly responsive to all of our business needs. We are confident, when we call Tech Needs that they will continue to do a great job. Tech Needs provides us with professional and talented staff/team that we trust.

– Human Resources Representative with Semiconductor, Southern, NH

We have enjoyed working with Tech Needs for our staffing needs. It is apparent you take the time to find quality candidates, which is greatly appreciated.  We look forward to a continued partnership.

– Telecommunications Company, Southern NH