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Easy Workplace Improvement Tips

Easy Workplace Improvement Tips

You’re working hard on high level policy changes and tweaks to your staffing policy that can help you reduce turnover and keep your team happy. But while you implement big, expensive, top-down strategies, don’t neglect some of the small and simple things that can also make a big difference in morale. Start with these five.

Easy Workplace Improvement Tips

1. Let your employees take their work home. Remote task completion is sweeping the mainstream workplace across almost every industry. So since you’re competitors are already on-board  it might be a good idea to develop a more flexible policy before these competitors lure your best workers away. Don’t worry; though it seems that employees might be less likely to stay focused while working at home, studies show that the opposite is actually true. When employees have the freedom to work from home, they tend to show greater loyalty, greater commitment and actually work longer hours every day than their in-house counterparts.

2. Adjust the environment. Look around your office, and realize that your employees spend a third of their waking lives in this place. Are there any simple fixes that might make the experience for them a little more pleasant? Anything that can increase the natural light, reduce the clutter, organize work spaces and improve the décor might have a more positive effect than you—or even your employees—will realize until after the change takes place.

3. Focus on health and safety. Take small steps to cut down on the spread of germs. Start by placing hand sanitizers on every available surface and encourage their use. Periodically use the sanitizer to treat high traffic surfaces like door knobs and the “start” button on the photocopier. Open windows when possible to reduce the health threat that comes with constantly recirculating air, and recognize and deal with signs of stress and burnout when they arise.

4. Keep doors open. The first step to keeping employees happy is giving them what they want and what they need to do their jobs properly. And you can only provide these things if you know what they are.  So make sure your managers and HR staff maintains an open door policy and stay receptive to employee communications and concerns.

It’s always important to stay focused on the big picture, but small details and simple fixes can go a long way toward helping your reach your productivity goals. For more help and ideas, reach out to the experienced staffing experts at Techneeds.