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Optimize LinkedIn for Your Job Search

Optimize LinkedIn for Your Job Search

You’re balancing your real-world networking efforts with an online approach and you’re working social media into your job search strategy, which is smart. While you search for your next position, you’re taking control over your personal brand on both fronts, and you’re being careful not to miss any important details. But are you sure you’re getting the most out of every job search minute you spend in front of your screen? Here are a few tips that can help you strengthen your LinkedIn profile.

Create a LinkedIn Headline that’s Both Tight and Clear

Clichés and buzzwords have no place in a resume, especially not in the title. Remove empty phrases like “success driven” or “change agent.” Simply state what you do. The closer your headline matches your exact job title, the greater your chances of appearing in a targeted search. (No recruiter types “Highly Motivated Game-Changing IT Wizard” into a search bar.)

Put Your Story Upfront (and Make it a Good Story)

The more information you deliver at the top of your profile, the better. As a reader moves through blocks of text, interest tends to flag. So make sure you present your case quickly and clearly. Think of an inverted pyramid—the most important facts should all be piled at the top. The bottom should contain mostly supporting elements and closing statements.

Don’t Try to Game the System

The real value of your LinkedIn profile will come from its ability to gain the attention of real people, not search engines. So don’t pack in keywords or SEO strategy in an obvious way.  And never stack your LinkedIn profile with fluff, filler, or extraneous details. Your competitors are just a click away, so keep your statements straightforward, simple, and respectful of your reader’s time and attention.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Remember who your profile is designed to impress, and think about how these people will be using the site. Responsible recruiters and employers don’t spend eight hours a day on LinkedIn, and neither should you. Put yourself in a recruiter’s shoes; If you stumbled upon this profile at the end of a hectic day of real-life networking events, would you hire you? File down anything that comes off as a sharp edge, a red flag, a possible exaggeration, or a clue that you’re relying too heavily on social media to build your career.

Give yourself every advantage during the job search process, and don’t hesitate to reach out for help when you need it. The career management and MA job search experts at Techneeds are standing by to connect you with employers who are searching high and low for skills like yours. Contact us today and we’ll help you take your career to the next level.