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Boost Your Job Search with a Personal Blog

Boost Your Job Search with a Personal Blog

When employers review your resume and like what they see, the next step will typically involve contacting you by phone to arrange an in-person interview. But there’s usually a tiny half step that takes place in between those two, a step that will take place again between the interview and an official job offer. This quick in-between step will involve a trip to the Internet and a scan of the search results associated with your name.

This isn’t a make-or-break process, of course. But if you have a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, or—most important—a blog, this is the moment your potential employers will be scrolling through your entries and reading what you have to say. If your personal voice is intriguing, strong, and intelligent, and presents you as a balanced person and a creative, engaged employee, the odds will tip in your favor. So how can you make sure your blog conveys this message? Here are a few job-seeking blogger dos and don’ts.

Blog Tips for Job Seekers

1. Have one. Don’t miss this opportunity to let employers get to know you as a person. If you don’t have a blog already, launch one today using any number of free services. You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes on your blog per day, or an hour or so each week.

2. The job-search related goals of your blog should be simple: Use it to showcase your 1.) writing skill. Almost every job in our modern world involves some element of writing. 2.) Reliability. If you update your blog on a regular basis, you’ll come off as trustworthy and able to maintain your commitments.

3. Employers are usually interested in candidates who have well-formed opinions and thoughts, the intelligence it takes to articulate them, and the courage it takes to express them. It doesn’t really matter what your blog is about; you can focus on anything from parenting to snowboarding to paleontology to marketing trends. Just make sure your entries are thoughtful and frequently updated.

4. Don’t get so wrapped up in your blog that you lose focus on the more important elements of your job search, like real-life networking. The blog should supplement and support your candidate profile—it shouldn’t take center stage.

For more guidance on setting up your blog, finding your voice, and developing regular posting habits and a strong following, reach out to the area staffing experts at Techneeds. We can help you make the right impression during your job search, both online and off.