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Google Alerts: Use Them to Support Your Job Search

Google Alerts: Use Them to Support Your Job Search

Google Alerts are a simple utility that can help you keep track of changes in the Googleverse, the largest collection of indexed content on the web. When you apply a Google Alert to a search term or keyword, you’re receive an email each time a new entry is added to the top search result for that set of terms. Google provides six different types of alert functions at this point, and each of them can be used to support your job search.

If you’re running or launching a business, you can also use Google Alerts to track your competitors, find potential customers, and monitor the use of copyrighted material. In either case, here are a few ways Google Alerts can help you.

Control Your Online Reputation

If you haven’t typed your own name into the Google search engine to explore the information available online about you, do so now. It’s a good idea to do this every now and then whether you’re on the job market or not, and when you know potential employers may be researching name, it’s a good idea to do this on a fairly regular basis. Or better yet, just attach an alert to various versions of your own name, your most high profile projects, and your publications. Then you won’t have to do this research every day.

Monitor the Employers You Like the Most

If you’ve got a dream job with a dream company in your sights, use Google Alerts to keep track of new developments in the department or aspect of the company that interests you most. Some savvy companies even keep an active blog for each open position, and you can use the alert function to monitor activity on the blog and stay in touch as the company moves toward a hiring decision.

Keep Track of New Relevant Job Postings in Your Area

Place a Google alert on a set of terms including your ideal position title, your field of interest, and your local area. This way when new job posts are published, you’ll have access to them immediately, hopefully before your competitors. The faster you find out about a new position and submit your credentials for consideration, the better your chances.

For more information on how to set up a Google Alert and take advantage of other online utilities that can drive your job search forward, reach out to the area staffing experts at Techneeds.