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Top Hiring Challenges for 2013 — How to Handle Them

Top Hiring Challenges for 2013 — How to Handle Them

Every year brings a unique set of hiring and staffing challenges that share some universal traits across almost every industry. No matter what your business may face in the year ahead, you’ll also be seeing some changes in the hiring market and a few new staffing trends that can either drive your business forward or hold you back, depending on your response. Are you ready for challenges like these?

1. Mobile optimization

When the internet first arrived on the scene, business owners who were savvy enough to web-enable their business and hiring models gained a distinct edge over their competition. Now that seismic shift is happening again, only this time company accessibility and branding are now moving from computer screens to mobile devices. Once you optimize your webpage, your job posts and your application tools, you’ll have better access to candidates who conduct their business on the move. And often, these are fast-paced, adaptable candidates you need.

2. Skill specialization

As the web allows candidate searches to go global, positions tend to keep pace by becoming more and more highly specialized. General skill sets like basic communication, logic, mathematical ability and critical thinking are no longer enough to position a candidate for success in a highly focused job, like CNC programming. So in 2013, you’ll need to be ready to tackle the growing skills gaps your business may face. In other words, you’ll need to find a needle in a haystack and navigate a complex global talent pool to find rare and specific traits.

3. Visual messaging and branding

In the modern hiring landscape, words are everything. How you draft and convey your most important messages to potential candidates can make or break your staffing success. But if there’s one thing more important than words, it’s images. Multi-media presentations, high impact graphics, video and 3D imaging are all vital tools for success in a competitive marketplace. If you can control these images, you’ll leave a more powerful impression with your customers as well as your talented potential employees.

For help navigating these issues and others that are due to arrive on the hiring landscape in the coming year, reach out to the staffing pros at Techneeds. Gain the resources you need to get ahead of your competition and stay ahead