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Creative Ways to Make Your IT Resume Stand Out

Creative Ways to Make Your IT Resume Stand Out

Your resume is almost complete. You’ve followed all the rules, kept everything clear and professional, and formatted your text and subheadings according to industry standards. No of your claims are exaggerated, your dates of employment are visible, and your contact information is easily accessible. It’s time to searching for appropriate positions and sending your application to promising employers.

But before you do this, consider a few simple steps that can help your resume stand out from the crowd and get the attention it deserves. Keep these moves in mind.

1. Since you’ll be sending your resume electronically in most cases (that is, attaching it to an email as a word file), include a few links in your contact information just under your name, address and phone number. These should be links to your webpage, your blog, and anywhere else you’d like to send potential employers for more information about you.

2. Your resume itself will be a simple Word document in black and white with minimal clever fonts and design flourishes. But on the pages you link to, feel free to present the same information with whatever clever touches you can come up with. Consider a document in multiple colors, loaded with meaningful and eye catching info-graphics related to your past accomplishments.

3. On your blog or website (or both) feel free to embed any kinds of multimedia widgets and whistles that might help you make your case. A professional video of you delivering a few words to potential employers can help. So can a video of you presenting at a conference or inspiring your team. You can also include photos of your previous work or awards– Feel free to place a link to Instagram in your resume as well.

4. Professional resumes are restrained by limits and tradition, and these restrictions keep them short, readable, comparable to those of other candidates, and fair. Don’t break these rules in your formal application. But once employers decide to go online and actively track down more information about you, there’s no need to hold back. The sky is the limit. Looking you up online is a voluntary process, and employers can obviously click away whenever they like. So don’t limit yourself to one page one color scheme, or one font style.

IT candidates can benefit from online flair and multimedia razzle-dazzle even more than candidates in other industries. Impress employers with your tech savvy and your passion for the field by pulling out all the stops. For specific tips and guidance, reach out the staffing experts at Techneeds.