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Industry Forecast: Engineers and Developers Needed

Industry Forecast: Engineers and Developers Needed

What does the future hold for the IT job market? What kinds of skills are in demand right now, and what kinds of skill sets and certifications are on the rise? If you decide to enter a training program or course of study today, what opportunities can you expect to be available two, three and four years down the road? The answers to all of these questions are imprecise of course, and no expert has access to a flawless crystal ball. But a few details about the IT employment landscape are clearer than others, and demand for the following skill sets appears to be heating up.


1. Application development. Smartphones are fast becoming universal tools for social connection, business, and commerce. They may not be in every hand right now, but the market for devices is growing fast, and so is the market for new communication and business-related apps. If you know how to build and develop new money-making applications from the ground up, employers are looking for you.

2. Mobile readiness. Employers are also searching for ways to bring their web-enabled sites and software utilities to mobile devices. This demand for this skill is rising strongly, and even though this skill alone may not generate lifelong job security, it’s hot right now and will probably remain so for a few years at least. Make sure you include this credential on your resume.

3. Information security. Especially in the healthcare and financial fields, cyber security is a bigger issue than ever, and in order to keep up with changing privacy regulations and protect client information, employers are looking for IT pros with strong security backgrounds. If you can offer consulting services or help employers maintain data on secure networks, make this known during your job search.

4. Off-site data management and cloud computing. As employers move their technology infrastructures offsite and increase their reliance on network providers and hosting services, they often need specific forms of guidance with the process. In-house server maintenance may not be as hot as it was ten years ago, but if you have a network implementation or maintenance background, you can use your experience to help employers navigate their options, negotiate contracts, or choose one hosting service over another.


Engineering and software development skills never go out of style, and as the economy slowly recovers and companies begin to grow and expand, employers will soon be relying on these skills more than ever. To find potential employers and open positions that match your specific background, reach out to the IT staffing experts at Techneeds.