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Growth Opportunities in IT

Growth Opportunities in IT

It’s no secret that the IT field is expanding rapidly. But most IT job seekers aren’t really asking if the jobs are out there…they want to know where these jobs are and where the industry will be growing the fastest during the coming years. In other words, what areas of training and certification will represent the highest return on an initial investment of time, money and other resources? And what areas of IT expansion will offer the greatest security and advancement opportunities over the short term and long term future? Here are few sectors of the IT job marketplace that offer the greatest promise for the time being:

1. App development. If you have what it takes to create functional apps from the ground up,  it’s a good idea to make this known to potential employers. Every part of the development process, from ideas and inception, to coding, to marketing, to the launch phase, is in very high demand right now. Mobile use is quickly becoming universal, and as it does, a company wants to be ready with deployable apps that will increase their market foothold and raise their value to customers.

2. Mobile optimization. Again, mobile use is on the rise and growing fast, but the marketplace has not yet become saturated and hand-held internet access is far from universal. While a growing number of potential customers are accessing companies and information using phones, tablets and e-readers, companies have yet to catch up with this demand and mobile optimize all of their platforms. To do this, they’ll need your help. And they’re looking for you.

3. Cyber security. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the growing risk of security breaches that can compromise healthcare information and customer profiles in other industries, like finance, employers are showing an increased interest in IT pros with network security backgrounds.

4. Cloud computing and network services. While in-house server maintenance may be a thing of the past, companies are looking for ways to expand their network architectures, take advantage of the cloud, and choose vendors and hosting services that meet their needs. If you have network management experience, your skills are in high demand.

For more information on obtaining the certifications and training you need to increase your value in these areas and for contacts and guidance that can help you land a position in any of these promising fields, reach out to the IT staffing experts at Techneeds.