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Welcome Your New Temp: Onboarding Advice

Welcome Your New Temp: Onboarding Advice

Welcoming a new temp to the office isn’t quite the same as welcoming a permanent employee. But though the relationship may be shorter and first impressions won’t be as lasting, everyone who steps into your facility needs and deserves to be treated with warmth, courtesy, and respect. Make your temp feel like a member of the team, and she’ll not only invest more during her tenure, she’ll also carry away positive memories that can bolster your company’s professional reputation (and your own).  Here are a few moves to keep in mind.

Inform your Current Staff

Let your current employees know that a temp will be coming to the office, and let them know exactly what he’ll be doing while he’s here. If some members of your team will be expected to provide support and assistance to the temp, let them know so they can access the information and resources they’ll need. If you’d like a member of your team to train the temp or work with her on a project, explain the details far in advance so you can address potential questions or confusion.

Communicate Constantly

Even if you won’t be the one training the temp and you won’t be working with her on a daily basis, try to personally welcome her on her first day. And if you will be overseeing her and supervising her work, keep communication channels open from the very first minute of contact. Check in at least once or twice every day. Ask the temp how she’s adjusting. And in addition to providing feedback on her work, ask for feedback in return. Find out how she feels about this experience, if she’s being treated well by your staff, and if she’s enjoying her interaction with the company. And by all means, if she needs any answers, materials, or other resources in order to complete her work, make yourself available.

Provide Structure

By nature, temp work doesn’t provide much room for long term growth, complex training, or sustained relationships. But as long as your temp is with you, she should always be busy and occupied, and her work should be purposeful. If your temp has questions about the value of the work she’s completing for you, be ready to provide an answer. And if she’s bored, idle, or confused about her responsibilities, this is your fault, not hers. Step in.

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