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7th Annual OI Golf Tournament!

7th Annual OI Golf Tournament!

This will be the seventh year that Techneeds will be hosting the 2013 OI Golf Classic on Monday August 26, 2013 at the Atkinson Country Club. Due to the generosity of the many sponsors and participants in last year’s tournament, $35,000 was raised for the OI Foundation.


It’s been a very exciting year for the Foundation with thousands of dollars Awarded in Grants to MD’s and PhD’s who are currently working on projects with clear relevance to OI. The research is cutting edge and we are all hopeful that something will be discovered in the very near future.


The OI Foundation’s new Slogan is “Unbreakable Spirit”.  The Unbreakable Spirit was created because OI has so many unbelievable stories and the one thing that every OI person has is a never give up attitude. If you like to read one of these stories please click here.


The last exciting thing to report is that Ken was recently elected as the Treasurer for the OI Foundation partly because of caring individuals that have worked so hard to make this event the third largest fund raiser for the OI organization.


Support of the event will make an important difference in the lives of many children and adults.