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4 Hiring Process Standards

4 Hiring Process Standards

Hiring is an art and a science, especially in the IT field, and there’s no single magic formula that works perfectly for every position and every company. But while we continue the ongoing search for flawless screening standards and methods, managers can make the process easier by leaning on the short list of practices that have, in fact, been proven to effectively separate the wheat from the chaff in a lean and cost effective way. Stay flexible as you perfect your search process, but in the meantime, these four reliable moves can help you fill your open positions with speed and accuracy.

1. Don’t ask magic bullet questions. In other words, don’t assume one question can tell you everything you need to know about a candidate. Keep your questions plentiful and open ended, and as candidates answer, listen carefully to their words, read between the lines, take body language into account, and keep an open mind.

2. Clearly define the position and the requirements for the position. You can start this process by generating a clear, honest job post that encourages candidates to self-select and walk away if the position seems wrong for them. But use the interview to send this message as well. During the interview, be very upfront with the candidate about the challenges and unpleasant aspects of the job, and ask him directly how he intends to handle these challenges.

3. Don’t hesitate to test. If technical skills will be central to the position, feel free to subject the candidate to onsite tests or tests that can be completed at home. If you aren’t sure how to create, grade, or evaluate these tests, get help from an IT staffing firm like Techneeds. We can provide all the testing materials and services you need for a wide range of IT and programming skill sets.

4. Engage multiple perspectives. Get a clear picture of a candidates skills, capabilities, and cultural aptitude by using as many eyes and as many opinions as possible (and practical). Have more than one resume reviewer to select candidates for first and second round interviews, and have more than one interviewer in the room if both participants can afford the time. This can remove some of the potential error and personal bias from the results.

For step-by-step guidance with your own selection and screening process, arrange a consultation with the IT staffing experts. If you are looking for staffing agencies in Salem NH, contact Techneeds today.