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Why IT Job Seekers Should Be Optimistic

Why IT Job Seekers Should Be Optimistic

While some areas of the job market are still struggling to recover after the recent economic downturn, job seekers looking for positions in the IT sector have plenty of reasons to feel positive about their prospects. Why all the optimism? The answer lies in several trends related to a growing hunger for personal communication technology and mobile accessibility, but while these factors lie at the heart of IT demand, they also have a strong surface level impact on IT hiring decisions. If your IT skills are highly specialized, and you’re constantly pursuing new learning opportunities, these indicators suggest that you won’t stay on the market for very long.


1. Job growth and hiring pace are both on the rise


Businesses in every sector are beginning to focus on growth. Economic recovery is generating optimism, and companies everywhere are expanding into new overseas markets. Bigger companies need stronger control over their IT infrastructures, and that’s where you come in. If you can manage a network, support security efforts, mobile-optimize web access, or build mobile aps from the ground up, employers are looking for you.


2. Salaries are increasing


With increasing demand comes an increase in employer willingness to pay up. Growing companies need IT talent, and they need it right now. Employers are looking for experts they can trust and they’re looking for ways to keep these experts out of the hands of their competitors. The best way to do this is by keeping salary and benefit offers competitive. So expect your market value to rise as you start reaching out for opportunities and comparing offers.


3. Positions are opening in almost every region of the country


While the most promising IT positions and the best opportunities for growth were once centralized to areas like Silicon Valley, this is no longer the case, and IT demand is now dispersing rapidly across almost every region of the United States. With offsite data storage, remote accessibility, and expanding infrastructures in universal industries like healthcare, IT innovation is needed almost everywhere. Some of the hottest hot spots include areas like Massachusetts, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia, and parts of Texas.


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