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The Benefits of Working with a Salem Staffing Agency

The Benefits of Working with a Salem Staffing Agency

As a committed job seeker, you’re taking advantage of every resource and exploring every available opportunity that can help you land a great position and get off the market as quickly and successfully as possible. You’re leaning on your network, scouring job boards, and contacting industry groups in your area. But have you also considered partnering with a temporary staffing agency?

A generation ago, staffing agencies were considered a stop gap measure, providing low-skill temporary work for people who didn’t mind joining a typing pool or sweeping floors while they searched for a more permanent gig. But that model is a thing of the past. Modern staffing firms partner employers with professional, skilled, specialized workers in tech, finance, hospitality, marketing, healthcare and a wide range of other highly focused industries.

Here are Techneeds, our clients are on the lookout for tech and IT pros with targeted sets of skills, from app development to network security to specific types of system implementation. Here are some of the benefits of working with our team.

1. You’ll stay in control of your own time.

The positions we’ll present to you will be adapted to your own schedule, so you can continue your search while you come into work part time. And if you don’t feel like your employer is a match, you can simply request another assignment.

2. You’ll develop new skills.

You’ll not only keep your current skills fresh, you’ll also develop new skill sets and gain new forms of professional exposure. And your potential employers will see your most recent position at the top of your resume, not a long, questionable gap.

3. You’ll meet new people.

Nothing supports a successful job search like a vast network of strong social connections. And holding a temporary position can help you add links to your social chain, meet new people, and expose you to new ideas and career options. The more people you know, the wider your options become.

4. You’ll gain a foothold with a potential long-term employer.

If all goes well with your temporary assignment, your and your employer may choose to make the arrangement permanent. But in the meantime, you’ll have a chance to test the waters and get to know each other. Your two-week contingency position may bloom into the next chapter of your lifelong career.

For more information on how a temporary staffing arrangement can benefit your job search, your career growth and you financial stability, contact the MA employment pros at Techneeds.