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Can Temp Work Launch – or Reboot– Your Career?

Can Temp Work Launch – or Reboot– Your Career?

If you’re a brand new grad looking for a way to launch your career, temp work can provide a quick stepping stone from school to working life. And if you launched your career a long time ago, but now you seem to be slowing down or hitting a stumbling block, the right temporary position can help you get back into the game. Here’s how.

Temp Job Benefits

1. Temp Jobs Put the Wheels in Motion

In our modern economy it’s perfectly normal for new grads to accept low responsibility positions for their first few months in the working world. At this point in their careers, candidates lack experience, so they don’t have much bargaining power. And in order to gain that experience, they need to spend some time in the trenches. A great temp job can give you the initial exposure you need to elevate your value to employers. And when you land a permanent offer, you’ll walk away with no strings attached.

2. Temp Jobs are Varied

Not only do temp jobs provide experience, they provide lots of it. Multiple assignments over the course of a few months can offer exposure to different kinds of employers and workplaces, which can help you better understand what you’re looking for over the long-term.

3. Temp Jobs Generate Connections

If you enjoy your temporary position and you and your employer both feel a connection, a temp job can easily extend into a permanent position. Temp work is like a test drive—sometimes it’s nice to take a spin before you decide to make a longer commitment. Even if the position doesn’t become permanent, a temp job can expose you to professional connections who may remain part of your life for years.

4. Temp Work Refreshes Old Skills Sets and Teaches New Ones

After a long period of time away from the workplace, technical and professional skills can sometimes get a little rusty. But temporary work keeps employees active and helps them stay on top of changes in their industry. Stay in circulation and stay sharp by finding a temporary position relevant to your area.

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