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Secrets to Landing More Temporary Work

Secrets to Landing More Temporary Work

When a mediocre candidate engages with a temporary staffing agency, the relationship gets off to a promising start. The background check and initial interviews go well, the candidate seems likable enough, and a first assignment is established. Then things start to go downhill. The agency’s employer clients find the candidate acceptable, but not great. He usually shows up on time. He doesn’t cause trouble. He does an adequate job with the tasks assigned to him. But when it’s time to hire a full time employee or extend his temporary contract, the employers think twice about this candidate and sometimes they ask the agency to connect them with someone else instead.

But when an above average or exceptional candidate steps into this relationship (you!), the story has a different ending. Here’s what happens:

1. The candidate treats the job exactly like a “real” job, and she treats the agency staff like real employers. She dresses professionally for the interview, offers a firm handshake and answers questions in a way that highlights her talents and shows off her best self.

2. The candidate steps into his first assignment the way he would tackle the first day of a “real” job. He dresses professionally and appropriately, and he shows up a few minutes earlier than his expected start time. He smiles at everyone, remembers their names, and strives to make a great impression.

3. As long as her assignment continues, the candidate shows interest in the company and respect for her own role. She learns all she can about how this organization serves its clients and customers and she looks for ways to make her presence an asset.

4. The candidate is friendly to everyone. He doesn’t complain. If he’s told to complete a task he’d rather not accept, he simply says no. He doesn’t grumble or sulk or say yes with no intent to follow through.

5. The candidate is reliable. She returns calls quickly, and she never comes in late during the temporary assignment period, not even once. And of course, if she can’t show up, she calls beforehand to let the agency (and/or her employers) know.

6. When the candidate’s temporary contract comes to an end, the employers rush to sign him on full time or extend the relationship into a new contract.

7. If these employers don’t need the candidate after the contract ends, the agency proudly connects her to a new client and a new contract as soon as possible.

For more on how to become the second candidate and extend your role once your short term contract ends, reach out to the MA IT staffing pros at Techneeds.