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The Three Top Benefits of Hiring Temp Workers

The Three Top Benefits of Hiring Temp Workers

Are you considering supplementing your workforce with contingency staff members who can help your full-time teams handle peak busy cycles and short-term projects? If you are, you’re definitely not alone. In the wake of the economic slowdown, a growing number of managers are turning to temp employees to help them mitigate risk and stay lean while they bring their business goals back on track. Temp employees can add extra hands to the workplace when you need them, and when your short term projects come to an end, they’re typically reassigned by their agencies, sparing them—and you—from the financial and emotional obstacles that accompany full time staff reductions. But that’s just one of the many benefits of a supplemental temporary workforce; Here are three more key reasons to consider this option.

Risk Reduction

When you hire a temporary employee through a staffing agency, both of you have plenty of time to observe the other in action before making a long term commitment. If the employee isn’t a match for your workplace or your company’s needs, that’s okay. She’ll be reassigned by the agency and you’ll be supplied with a replacement. But if you get along famously, that’s okay too—she can join your team on a full time basis as soon as her trial period ends.

Time and Cost Savings

Temporary employees are hired and paid by their agencies, not by you. So the costs that come with the hiring process, including benefit payments and insurance, are lifted from your budget. In the meantime, nobody makes money with extra hands and idle employees in the workplace, but with temp workers, that won’t be a problem. You can reduce and expand your staff from one moment to the next, staying lean and agile as your workload shifts.

Skill Specialization

Your highly trained and dedicated full time staff members work hard, and they’re great at what they do. But when you need highly specialized skill sets for the duration of one short term contract, project, or implementation, put your trust in a temp employee or specialist who makes a full time living by bringing this special skill set to multiple employers. Rely in this person to get you through the challenges of the moment, then let her move on to her next employer or client.

For more on the financial and practical benefits of temporary and contingent workers, contact the MA IT staffing experts at Techneeds.