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Training Your IT Staff to Work With Temporary Employees

Training Your IT Staff to Work With Temporary Employees

Introducing temporary IT employees to an established and functional full-time staff can be a dodgy process, and with so many moving parts, it’s easy for small things to go wrong—on a practical, technical, financial and even emotional level. And when things do go wrong, the end result is usually the same: Full time employees resent outsiders who interfere with their processes and systems, and temporary employees resent unclear instructions and expectations that extend beyond the limits of their tenure. Avoid these resentments and keep both permanent and temporary employees happy by keeping these simple tips in mind.

1. Keep surprises to a minimum.

Don’t bring on temporary teams without ample warning and preparation for your full time staff. If your permanent employees walk in one day and see a new face in the neighboring cubicle, they’ll feel either of two things: 1.) ambushed, or 2.) completely detached, as if this new arrival has nothing to do with them or their work. Don’t let either of these happen. Keep your teams informed, and before you bring temps in the door, let them know exactly when and why this will happen.

2. Keep training expectations clear.

If your temps will be arriving to deal with a short term coding project, or handle daily IT and help desk responsibilities while full time teams work on a new system implementation, the two groups will need to work together. So long before the process begins, clarify who will handle which training responsibilities and how these responsibilities will be distributed.

3. Give temps a clear contact point.

If temps have questions or need support, they shouldn’t stand idly by or ask ten different people before they find someone who can help them. Make sure every temporary employee has a “boss”, supervisor or mentor who will be ready—and able—to address their concerns.

4. Expect temps to start pursuing full time contracts.

Not all temporary IT employees are looking for full time positions. But some of them are, and when they need feedback on their performance or a clear assessment of what the future holds for this relationship, be ready to provide some answers. What will it take to be hired here full time, and who will they need to talk to about this?

For more on how to maintain harmonious and productive relationships between your permanent and temporary IT teams, contact the IT staffing experts at Techneeds.