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5 Skills Managers Look for in Accounting Resumes

5 Skills Managers Look for in Accounting Resumes

Every industry and every profession comes with a unique set of skills and personality traits that can be difficult for managers to find when they launch the search for a talented candidate, and the fields of accounting and finance are no exception. Here are several things managers usually like to see when they review resumes submitted by accountants.

1. Private versus public accounting experience.

Managers looking for corporate accountants and/or CPAs usually need experience that’s commensurate with the nature of the job in question. Often, regardless of their own business models, managers are reassured when they see a significant level of experience on both sides of the divide. A diverse background suggests versatility and flexibility.

2. Large versus small firm experience.

A mid- or lower level accounting position for a large corporation and a higher responsibility position for a small firm aren’t always identical. Managers like to see a level of experience and exposure that matches the size of their own organizations and the nature of their own clientele.

3. Suggestions of a cultural match.

Especially at the entry level, modern hiring managers often select candidates based on attitude, not just aptitude. Technical skills sets can usually be taught on the job, but personal and social skills can’t. Neither can resilience. Regardless of proven skills sets, managers like to see signs of native intelligence, written and spoken communication skill, ethics, and a personality that will fit in well in their specific workplace.

4. Professionalism.

In any client-facing position, including accounting, managers look for candidates who will reflect well on them and represent the organization with dignity and class. The ability to meet client needs on both a technical and personal level is a trait that most managers tend to value.

5. Problem solving skill.

Brilliant and trustworthy accountants are usually expert problem solvers. So managers prefer candidates with a track record of crisis management, teamwork, and innovative thinking. They also like to see a patient, determined, data-based approach to risk management and issue resolution.

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