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The Fall 2014 Outlook for IT Hiring

The Fall 2014 Outlook for IT Hiring

The fall is just around the corner, and if you hold responsibility for your company’s HR decisions and long term hiring strategy, you may be looking for efficient and cost effective ways to close down the last quarter and prepare for the year ahead. What will each of your departments need in the months to come? Specifically, how can you prepare your IT staffing teams for the trends and events that will soon shape the IT hiring landscape? Keep these considerations in mind as you move forward.

1. Keep an eye on your business cycles.

If your business is seasonal, your IT department will be seasonal as well. When you factor in your help desk traffic and the daily demands of your IT support service team, a wave of new orders and new contracts may lead to a corresponding wave of demands on your technical support staff. Will you be ready? If you know that the seasonal surge won’t last, consider bringing temporary and part time IT pros on board (an IT-focused staffing agency can connect you to the talented help you need).

2. Examine the big picture.

What does the fourth quarter picture hold in terms of your long term projects, like system implementations and platform integration? If your current teams can take you through the end of the year, that’s fine. But if you’ll need to find experts and specialists to replace those who will leave as a result of academic calendars or retirements, start looking now.

3. Don’t ignore sweeping trends.

Keep a close eye on the biggest trends that are shaping the business technology landscape. These include: 1.) a demand for tighter cyber security, 2.) a customer shift to mobile devices and a corresponding need for mobile optimization, 3.) a growing reliance on big data and meta-analytics on the part of company decision makers. Forecasters also indicate 4.) a growing need for IT employees with application development skills. Will any of these trends have an impact on your own organization? If so, you’ll need to start searching for candidates who can take you into the future.

For more information on what the fall will bring to your specific company and your own IT department, arrange a consultation with the IT staffing pros at Techneeds.