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Can an Engineering Society Support your Career?

Can an Engineering Society Support your Career?

If you’ve completed your education with a bachelors or Master’s degree in engineering, and you’ve held a role as a junior or senior engineer for at least five years, you may be eligible to pursue your PE and become a licensed Professional Engineer. Adding a PE to your credentials will broaden your leadership role in the industry and expand the range of professional responsibilities you can legally assume. It will also make you eligible for membership in any of several established Professional Engineering Societies.

In New Hampshire, you’ll be able to join the NHSPE, or New Hampshire Society of Professional Engineers, an organization designed to promote engineering licensure and support ethical and competent engineering practices across the state. The organization is also elevates the image of those who share this profession, and it leverages its state-level influence to support the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

What can your NHSPE Membership do for your Career?

Industry organizations like NHSPE promote ethical behavior and best practices for engineers across their area of influence. This means that when new information becomes available or new studies are released regarding the engineering industry, NHSPE serves as a resource hub and a point of dissemination. The society communicates with its membership on a regular basis regarding scholarship opportunities, ongoing education, and engineering awards and other items of interest to professional engineers at the state and national level.

These opportunities also include dinners, networking events, and youth outreach programs. If you’re interested in making personal connections with thought leaders in your field, or giving back to the community that helped you attain our current success, the NHSPE is an excellent place to start.

Of equal importance, NHSPE meetings and newsletter communications often deal with new and pending legislation that may have an impact on the industry and its stakeholders. Involvement keeps members informed and encourages communication with state and local governing bodies responsible for passing relevant laws.

For more information about the New Hampshire Society of Professional Engineers and more on the specific benefits of membership, reach out to the society directly through their website or contact the staffing and career management experts at Techneeds.