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Accounting Certifications to Look for in Candidates

Accounting Certifications to Look for in Candidates

In each individual state, the state board of accountancy regulates the practice of Certified Public Accountants by issuing exams and licenses to both individuals and accounting firms. State boards usually also enforce the statutes and regulations that have been adopted by the state or commonwealth in order to protect consumers who require the services of qualified CPAs.

It’s always in the best interests of both an accounting candidate and the firm who hires the candidate to make sure the opposite party holds all necessary licenses to serve as an accountant, or manage and hire a team of accountants. Employers can also request or require specific certifications that demonstrate skill and experience within a specific narrow area of the accounting field.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

This certification suggests skill in the areas of financial decision analysis and forecasting. Candidates with CMA qualifications can often to trusted to maintain financial information systems and extract meaningful information from reports generated by these systems.

Certified Financial Manager (CFA)

This certification may be necessary for candidates who will be working with investment decisions, investment risk analysis, and financial education. Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) can also help clients make informed wealth management decisions, expand their personal assets, and manage complex tax issues.

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

A Certified Financial Auditor has the knowledge necessary to conduct audits of corporations and public businesses. CIAs can confirm that all company financial transactions have been properly recorded and reported. When fraud is suspected, Certified Fraud Accountants review and analyze questionable reports and help companies correct problems and comply with relevant laws.

Certified Government Financial Managers (CGFMs)

Certified Government Financial Managers help state and local government organizations manage tax requirements, prepare budgets, handle public spending and balance financial statements. Most government entities have very specific financial needs, and this certification can be difficult to find, even in a highly targeted candidate pool. For specific sourcing and hiring requirements, reach out to the MA financial staffing experts at Techneeds. We can help you find attract the right candidates, conduct an accurate screening process, and build the accounting team that can best serve the needs of your clients.