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What Employers Look for in Data Processing Candidates

What Employers Look for in Data Processing Candidates

Growing companies, marketing firms, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, and many other organizations need to collect and organize huge volumes of data in order to complete their tasks and reach their goals. But before this data can be parsed and examined on a large scale, it needs to be entered into applicable software systems in the first place. And since this job can’t be automated and it requires a human level of skill, dexterity, critical thinking and attention to detail, these companies hire data processors and data entry technicians to handle this challenge. What do most employers look for in the ideal candidate for this role?

1. Familiarity with data processing software.

This will be the first and foremost technical skill that you’ll require if you hope to land a job (or launch a long-term career) in this field. Right now, universally required skills include proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite, including Access, Word, and Excel. But some companies also use their own proprietary systems, and any experience with one of these may translate into others. Gather this experience and proficiency aggressively, and make the most of it in your resume.

2. Comfort with repetition.

Data entry and processing jobs often involve tedious, repetitive tasks that can’t be rushed. Candidates who become impatient and are tempted to cut corners can be a hiring manager’s worst nightmare in this field. But those who have the patience to treat every entry with meticulous care are in high demand.

3. Attention to detail.

The best data entry candidates combine big picture thinking with attention to very small levels of detail. They understand the projects behind each task, and they understand how their own work contributes to a larger goal. But they also understand that every data point they enter and every file they edit can have a huge impact on the outcome of a study, or the security of one person’s important account, or how the company develops strategies that will be launched in the future.

4. They’re flexible.

In this field, managers like candidates who are calm, focused, and easy to get along with. They handle setbacks well, and they know how to work as members of a team. For more on how to create a strong impression during your job search, reach out to the staffing experts at Techneeds.