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Evolutions in Tech Hiring for 2015

Evolutions in Tech Hiring for 2015

The year ahead will bring plenty of changes to the rapidly evolving tech industry, and some of these shifts may have a powerful impact on hiring and staffing for technology-oriented companies. If you’ll be looking for tech candidates—or searching for a tech job—in 2015, you may want to keep these industry shifts in mind.

Managers will have more options, but not more leverage.

An increasing interest in technology-related fields of study, plus a greater diversity among those fields, will mean more students graduating with engineering and IT credentials. But while these candidates flood the marketplace, mangers will still struggle to find those with the specific skills they need. After all, web design and computer engineering are not the same. When managers find their candidates, they’ll still have to pay competitive rate to bring them onboard, and provide the perks and benefits necessary to keep them.

Global searches will also increase options, but for both parties.

As managers strike off in search of candidates, they’ll be able to reach the entire world at the touch of a screen. This may seem like an advantage, and it is…but candidates will benefit from the same global reach. Applicant pools will be wider, but talented candidates will be fielding more offers, especially those who are willing to relocate.

Booming areas will experience an ongoing hiring spike.

Top tech hiring areas will reflect trends for 2014, but these trends will rise even higher before they begin to level off. These peak demand areas include: cyber security, network management, application development, cloud computing, and big-data analysis. As more companies develop a hunger for meta-data, candidates who can design, implement, and manage these data gathering systems won’t stay on the market for very long.

Expectations for non-tech candidates will increase.

Candidates searching for work in engineering, marketing, sales, product development, and any number of other fields will be expected to comfortably handle unfamiliar forms of technology. Managers will expect flexibility and adaptability on a level not seen before. As work hours become flexible and remote arrangements increase, standards will continue to rise.

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