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Engineering Managers: How to Attract Highly Skilled Employees

Engineering Managers: How to Attract Highly Skilled Employees

As you work to attract and retain the highest level of engineering talent, are you truly maxing out every available resource? Your sourcing and selection strategies may be top notch, but have you considered a few simple moves that might make them even more effective in 2015? As you move forward into the New Year, keep these staffing moves in mind and you’ll elevate your overall performance levels.

Attract top people…but start by holding onto the ones you already have.

You want to bring top talent on board, but look around. You already HAVE top talent. And if you’re not recognizing and working to retain your best performers, you may be dangerously close to losing them. Conduct surveys to assess general levels of satisfaction among your teams, and use the results of those surveys to work on your retention program. This year, strengthen your relationships with better training, more remote hours and workplace flexibility, better benefits, and better rewards for top performers and leaders.

Reap the rewards of your efforts.

The best thing about retaining top employees is…keeping your top employees. But the second best thing is also pretty great: the boost this gives to your company’s reputation. If your employees are happy, encourage them to spread the word and help you attract better candidates. Ask for referrals, provide referral bonuses, and encourage your employees to say positive things about your company online.

Streamline your hiring process.

Of course you work hard to treat your candidates and applicants with respect (if not, you should be). But respect shows in actions, not just words. Never leave your candidates asking for decision timelines and waiting by the phone. Keep you interviews limited to three rounds, and keep your questions and your background checks meaningful, positive and on-point.

Help your employees grow.

It’s not enough to provide flexibility, competitive salaries, and comprehensive benefits (though this is a good start). You’ll also need to encourage ambitious employees and provide the training and opportunities that can help them grow. Make sure you notice your high performers and understand their goals.

For more on how to attract, cultivate, and retain the highest levels of engineering talent, reach out to the MA staffing pros at Techneeds.