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Customer Service Skills for IT Pros

Customer Service Skills for IT Pros

When you publish a job post and start reviewing candidates for an open IT position, you obviously place coding, network management, implementation, app development or cyber security skills high on your list of priorities. You definitely need a candidate who can step in to the role and start contributing to the company without years of remedial training. After all, training and coaching are expensive, and you need to quickly start generating a return on your candidate if you’re paying him or her a competitive salary.

But far too many employers are guilty of a common and expensive mistake: They choose candidates with coding skills, but they find themselves training the candidate for months all the same… in the area of customer service. And sometimes the candidate leaves the company before any returns can be generated from this investment. Choose candidates with solid IT skills AND a background in CRM, and you’ll reap greater benefits across the board. Keep these considerations in mind.

Customer Service Can Be Internal or External

Your candidate may not be spending any time with your clients or the customers who buy your product. But she will be spending time with your current employees in order to help them gain access to the system, resolve network maintenance problems, and help them store and access data. When things go wrong, fixing the problems may require a team effort and smooth communication. So choose candidates who have the ability to stay patient while they explain complex IT issues in layperson’s terms.

Value the Art and Science of Diplomacy

As a manager, you sometimes have to say “no” when you don’t want to, or when it won’t make you popular with your bosses or direct reports. Here’s some news: IT professionals need to do this all the time. Sometimes they’re asked for shortcuts or system fixes that just aren’t possible, and sometimes they’re deluged with requests they don’t have the time or bandwidth to answer immediately. But expert customer service pros know how to make every questioner feel valued and heard, regardless of the answer.

Customer Service Means Listening as Well as Speaking

Customer-savvy, diplomatic IT pros know how to ask for help when they need it. They know how to articulate their questions clearly and politely. They know how to follow up when they aren’t getting the answers and help they need. And they know how to deal with both managers and other staff members respectfully, graciously, and patiently. They may be experts in their field, but they recognize the limits of their knowledge in other areas of the business, and when they need answers, they get them.

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