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Beat the Competition for Qualified Financial Candidates

Beat the Competition for Qualified Financial Candidates

You need a few talented financial candidates, and you need them now. And you aren’t just looking for generic “go-getters.” You need specific, narrow skillsets offered by candidates who can step on board and stay long enough to justify your investments in their training and acclimation. These candidates are certainly out there, and they’re looking for you just as urgently as you’re looking for them. There’s only one catch – your competitors also are looking for them. Here are a few moves that can help you stay a step ahead of the pack in the race for top financial talent.

First, get help

Reach out to an established, experienced staffing agency (like Techneeds!) to gain an edge in the candidate marketplace. Staffing firms draw on decades of collective experience and vast professional networks. If your candidate is out there, we know how to reach him or her. We have the contacts, we know the channels, and we know what works and what doesn’t work when you’re trying to draw the attention of top new graduates and mid-career job seekers.

Second, polish your approach

Your job post may contain a bulleted list of all the requirements for your open positon in accounting or finance. But just presenting the facts won’t attract the talented candidates you need. Shape your message to appeal to your targeted demographic, and determine what your ideal candidates need and want before you present your pitch and make your case.

Move quickly

When you have a talented, perfectly aligned candidate in your sites, don’t squander your opportunity by moving too slowly or making a series of easy and common mistakes. For example, after you make the verbal offer over the phone, deliver the formal offer right away. Don’t assume your verbal agreement will allow you to make the candidate wait around for another two weeks while you get your act together. Move steadily with all other aspects of the selection process as well – keep your interviews limited to three rounds and let minimal time pass between each round. Keep candidates updated on the timeline, and keep paperwork in motion through the HR process. Don’t let bottlenecks and other hassles allow great candidates to slip away.

Don’t hold out for perfection

Perfect is the enemy of good, and if you’re facing an applicant who holds almost every one of your requirements, think twice before you say goodbye to that person in an attempt to avoid “settling.” Know what great candidates look like so you can grab them when you see them – don’t go into the process with unrealistic or far-fetched expectations.

For more on how to attract talented financial pros in an increasingly competitive marketplace, reach out to one of the best employment agencies in Massachusetts and speak to the team at Techneeds today.