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6 Tips for Job Seekers and Employers: Hiring for Potential vs. Rapid Placement

6 Tips for Job Seekers and Employers: Hiring for Potential vs. Rapid Placement


Tips Job Seekers & Employers

In September 2015, there were 5.5 million job openings, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. This coupled with a candidate-driven professional job market has left many employers with a few questions when it comes to hiring top talent:

  • Should we reevaluate our hiring practices and wait for that perfect fit?
  • Should we just fill the position hoping it works out well in the end?
  • Should we be hiring for potential skills instead?


We know the saying “time kills deals” all too well, so to avoid this in 2016, jobseekers and employers have started hiring and marketing themselves for attitude, potential, and long-term development to mold the perfect employee-employer relationship. Waiting for that perfect fit or onboarding job seekers based on availability alone are tactics of the past. Instead, businesses and candidates are capitalizing on hiring for potential.


Hire for Potential Instead of Waiting for that Perfect Jobseeker


By now, we know waiting for the perfect candidate to walk through the door isn’t a solid game plan and trusting that a job seeker will eventually obtain the needed skills for the position can be difficult.


But an applicant with the right motivation and mindset can gain the skills he or she needs in the first six months on the job. If a jobseeker has the right potential and attitude, there’s time to develop and mold the perfect employee. Spending enough time on the candidate experience step of the recruiting pipeline can give you the insights into a job seeker’s enthusiasm for growth before onboarding.  


Job Seekers, Show Your Potential

Keep in mind that the market is in your favor but that doesn’t mean job seeking is a cake walk. The ratio of unemployed persons to job openings was 1.4 in September 2015, which means marketing yourself is still crucial. Update your LinkedIn profile with additional certifications and classes. While interviewing be sure to speak to your abilities to not only grow as an employee—but to help companies grow too.


Treat Every Candidate as a Lead

Out of all of the applications you receive for a specific position, very few of these job seekers will be qualified. But don’t forget about their skills just yet as you’ll likely hire for more than one position in 2016. An outside hiring firm like ours can help you track candidates, and based on their skills find them the right position at the right time. Keep in contact and build relationships with your entire your candidate pool, not just the person you need in that moment.


Job Seekers, Follow Your Potential Employer’s Brand Even If Rejected

If you’ve been interviewing with a company for a new employment opportunity and it just doesn’t work out, don’t give up! Follow the brand online, keep up with their social media posts, and attempt to stay in contact with the hiring manager. Staying top of mind could land you a position you’re more qualified for at that same company.


Hiring For Potential Skills Means Stability and Growth

Around 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions, according to The Harvard Business Review. While it can be difficult to strike a balance between waiting for the perfect fit vs. hiring for potential—hiring a candidate based solely on availability can cause turnover within businesses. An available candidate and even the candidate with all of the skills and mojo might not have the attitude for growth you’re looking for or the adaptability of job seeker with an fervor to learn new skills.


Job Seekers, Show Your Adaptability

Either during interviews or on LinkedIn be sure to exemplify instances of contributing to the growth and stability of a company. Were you promoted to new position within the company? Did you help create a new initiative within your organization? These are qualities hiring managers seek—be sure to display them effectively.


Employers and job seekers alike can use these insights to ease some of the frustrations of career placement. If you still have questions about hiring or job seeking contact us today or search open positions. We specialize in Engineering, Design, Drafting, Publications, Purchasing, IT & Help Desk, Customer Service, Accounting, Administrative, Manufacturing, and Bioscience.