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Using Social Media to Find Your Next Job in 2016

Using Social Media to Find Your Next Job in 2016



67% of job seekers were using Facebook to look for jobs in 2015, according to Jobvite’s 2015 Job Seeker Nation Study. Facebook and other social media platforms such as LinkedIn are two-way streets when it comes to job searching. Using social media, job seekers can both search for jobs and promote their workplace skills. Here are some tips for doing both effectively in 2016.


Use Social Media for Job Searches


LinkedIn Job Search

77% of all job postings are posted on LinkedIn, according to Social Media Today. Using Facebook in tandem with LinkedIn is your best bet for being on top of all of the job opportunities. LinkedIn is a good starting point based on the massive amount of jobs posted daily, but where do you find the jobs not posted on LinkedIn? Some of them may be on a site you visit frequently: Facebook.


“Like” the pages of Potential Employers or Staffing Companies

Following the page of your ideal employer or a staffing company you’ve worked with in the past is a good way to ensure you don’t miss a job posting. Rather than checking the websites of companies online, you’ll get updates to your newsfeed. For example, as a staffing company, we often post our open jobs on Facebook. Most of them fill very quickly. If you see the job and contact a recruiter, that could put you in front of the person who just occasionally checks our website and may miss out on postings.


Promote Your Workplace Skills


Complete Your Work History on Facebook

Recruiters use Facebook to find passive candidates who might not be actively searching for positions but are very hireable. Make sure they can find you. Facebook gives you the ability to complete your work history:

Go to the About Section on your Timeline. Click “Add a Workplace” Fill out information about the Company, Position, City, and Description.


Update Your LinkedIn Profile

45% of job seekers are satisfied in their current job, but open to a new one, according to Jobvite. Would you say that’s true for you? If so, make sure your most recent position is updated on LinkedIn, even if you’re not looking. You’re more likely to be approached with an opportunity when your profile is not only updated but active. Adding a professional photo to your profile makes you 14 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn, according to LinkedIn. Additionally, adding skills such as “CAD/CAM technology, dismantling, repairing and maintaining equipment, reading and interpreting blueprints, etc” can increase your profile views by 13 times.


Share Content on LinkedIn

Active LinkedIn profiles are attractive to recruiters and employers. Stay up on LinkedIn by posting articles or content relevant to your industry. Once logged in, near the top you’ll see your personal dashboard with Activity and Page Views. Underneath you’ll see “Share an Update.” Just as with Facebook, you can post a URL to an article and share content with your connections and to the watchful eyes of recruiters.


If you’re a consultant or job seeker looking for more opportunities and would like help with either side of the online job searching street, contact Techneeds today.