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Job Search Mistakes

Job Search Mistakes

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600,000 jobs have been added to manufacturing in the last five years, according to the Manufacturing Institute. You can tap into these open positions with the right technique. We know it can be daunting though, so we’ve compiled some tips to make job searching less stressful. Be sure to check out the infographic below.


When it’s time to start searching for a new position, staffing companies like Techneeds can help you gain access to more jobs. According to statistics—there are jobs out there—it’s just a matter of locating the right job advertisements for your experience. Recruiters are skilled in assessing your experience, skills and potential. Avoid common missteps in the search process by working with a recruiter.


While searching for a new position it makes sense to search based on your last position, but there’s also opportunity to look for positions outside of the realm of your last job title. Taking potential into account, recruiters can look at your past experience, and help you assess which direction you can move your career.


Relying solely on Craigslist or a single job search site can limit your results. Some companies list positions on their company website only and others use job aggregators such as and Be sure to check both, as well as with your recruiter for possible openings.


If you’re a consultant or job seeker looking for more opportunities and would like help with your job search efforts, contact Techneeds today.


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