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Outlook: Jobs In Manufacturing

Outlook: Jobs In Manufacturing

It’s always a great time to be in manufacturing—but the next ten years are looking particularly great. That’s because there will be nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs that will need to be filled in that time. 3.5 million. It’s great news for the industry, but even better news for you if you’re looking for the best opportunities in manufacturing. Because there are going to be (we’re going to say it again) three and a half MILLION of those opportunities in the next decade.

So what’s the best way to capitalize on all that opportunity? Partnering with companies like techneeds that specializes in finding the cream of the crop when it comes to those jobs. 80% of manufacturing companies are willing to pay more than the market rates in workforce areas that are in need of manufacturing talent. Finding those jobs and having an advocate on your side is what will put you in the prime position to get in on those top jobs.


Secondly, keep up on your key skills. The amount of jobs that are opening up will go to people that are more skilled in technology, math, and basic problem solving —three areas that executives say are currently lacking skilled employees. Keeping up on these will put you ahead of the pack and first in line to grab the top-notch jobs.


Ready to capitalize on the exploding tech manufacturing market? We’re right there with you! Search our job database or contact a recruiter to see how you can position yourself to be ahead of the curve!



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