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Recruiting Solution in the New England Job Market

Recruiting Solution in the New England Job Market



The temporary staffing industry is responsible for placing more than 400,000 people into the workforce in New Hampshire and Massachusetts each year, according to the American Staffing Association (ASA).


New Hampshire has an average of 13,000 temporary workers weekly, with annual employment of 63,100. Massachusetts has 68,700 temporary weekly workers, with annual employment of 334,100, the ASA reports.


Unemployment in New Hampshire dropped to 2.5% in December 2018, a 20-year record low. Massachusetts unemployment is at a 15-year low of 3.4%. Companies are currently experiencing challenges staffing some roles with the right talent, thanks to low unemployment across the nation.


Human Resources professionals in New England can turn to a wide range of job sites and job boards on which to post their positions. However, there are some downsides to going this route.


It takes time to put together a comprehensive job description that will appeal to the right audience. Then, it takes additional time and money to post the position on various job sites. Hopefully, there are some applications for the position. But, on the flip side, there may be many applications sent in that are not a fit for the position. Going through all of those applications and not finding a good candidate results in a lot of time invested without getting the job filled.


Instead, a hiring manager should consider making a phone call to a temporary staffing agency such as Techneeds. We have been helping companies fill positions since 1976. With three offices in New Hampshire and one in Massachusetts, Techneeds is true New England, which ensures that hiring managers will be partnering with a professional who understands and has a strong reach into the local job market.


Hiring managers will work with one dedicated contact at Techneeds, who will utilize the current job database of 100,000 resumes of local job seekers to quickly locate candidates who may be a good fit, based on the job requirements.


It’s a simple process to start finding qualified candidates:


  • Call (800) 346-8810 to immediately speak to a member of the sales team.


  • Or, you can also visit this site to get in contact and one of the sales team members will call you.


  • Your contact will get the position requirements from you, and rather than deliver a blizzard of resumes, will instead present the top three candidates for the job, pulled from a huge database of resumes.


If you have a number of openings at once, this is not a problem. Techneeds’ footprint in the region is wide into various industries, including Manufacturing, Engineering, Administrative, Finance, and IT. Staffing for multiple jobs at one time is an area where they excel.


The process for finding the perfect talent for a position does not have to be a lengthy, expensive one. There are often candidates who are available to begin work immediately. Techneeds may even have the right fit for you today.