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Don’t Burn Bridges — 10 Tips to Stay Connected When You Leave Your Job

Don’t Burn Bridges — 10 Tips to Stay Connected When You Leave Your Job

Quitting a job can be a rewarding experience, one that shows you are moving closer to accomplishing your career goals. On the other hand, if you leave your superiors and colleagues high and dry, you risk burning bridges with these individuals. And in the long run, burning bridges is unlikely to do you any favors as you try to accelerate your career growth.

There are many things that you can do to avoid burning bridges and stay connected with superiors and colleagues after you leave your job, such as:

1. Provide Superiors and Colleagues with Plenty of Notice

Give your superiors and colleagues advance notice before you leave your job. That way, you’ll give them as much time as possible to prepare for your departure.

2. Set Up Superiors and Colleagues for a Seamless Transition

Lend a helping hand in the weeks and days prior to your exit. This ensures that you can set up your superiors and colleagues for success.

3. Respond to Concerns and Questions

Take time to address concerns and questions regarding your departure. Be honest with your superiors and colleagues, and respond to concerns and questions as best you can.

4. Keep Work Items and Supplies Where They Belong

Clean your workspace, but leave all company belongings behind. If you are unsure if a particular item belongs to you or your employer, ask your superior.

5. Complete All Final Paperwork As Required

Finish all paperwork as required by your HR department. Also, find out when you will receive your final paycheck, and ensure that your HR department has your up-to-date contact information.

6.  Work Hard Until Your Final Day Is Over

Resist the urge to call it quits before your final day concludes. Remember, you are responsible for getting your job done — even if you plan to leave this job soon. But if you focus on the task at hand, you can successfully finish your work with your company and exit on a positive note.

7. Say Goodbye to Work Friends

Visit your work friends and provide a formal goodbye. You can always exchange contact information with your work friends and stay in touch with them going forward, too.

8. Express Gratitude

Whenever possible, write thank-you notes, pick up coffee and doughnuts or show other signs of gratitude before you leave your job. This allows you to bring smiles to the faces of your superiors and colleagues.

9. Request Permission to Use a Superior or Colleague As a Reference

Ask a superior or colleague for permission to use him or her as a reference. In doing so, you can set the stage for long-lasting professional relationships with superiors and colleagues.

10. Say Hello to Superiors and Colleagues Outside of Work

Greet a superior or colleague you see outside of work with a friendly hello. Then, you can chat and catch up with him or her about any topics you’d like.

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