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5 Tech-Related TED Talks You Won’t Want to Miss

5 Tech-Related TED Talks You Won’t Want to Miss

TED Talks foster communication, collaboration, and innovation, particularly in the technology space. In fact, many tech-related TED Talks highlight the possible impact of new technologies, how existing technologies can be used in a variety of ways, and more.  

Tech-related Ted Talks are designed for tech experts and novices alike and enable viewers to learn how technology is changing the world. Now, let’s look at five can’t-miss tech-related TED Talks.  

1. How technology has changed what it’s like to be deaf

 Although hearing loss is a problem for millions of people globally, new technologies are becoming available to help those who are dealing with this issue. Rebecca Knill is a writer who wears cochlear implants to hear, and in her TED Talk, she examines the impact of assistive listening technology to help people coping with hearing loss. Knill recognizes that assistive listening technology is revolutionary, yet the way people frequently respond to deafness remains outdated. But, if people work together, they can bridge the gap between technology and culture to create an inclusive world.  

2. A holographic meeting platform for collaborating from anywhere

Imagine what it would be like to have the ability to teleport. Thanks to Spatial, this dream may soon become a reality. Spatial co-founder Jinha Lee hosts a TED Talk in which he describes how Spatial uses augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to provide a holographic meeting platform. Lee also explains how Spatial enables people to collaborate from anywhere like they are in the same room, along with the platform’s potential impact on the global workforce. 

3. An AI smartwatch that detects seizures

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming essential for businesses that want to continuously generate actionable insights and find ways to improve their operations. Meanwhile, AI is also being used across myriad sectors, including the medical field. In terms of the medical applications of AI, MIT professor Rosalind Picard uses her TED Talk to explore an AI smartwatch that is being developed to help detect epileptic seizures. The smartwatch highlights the value of AI in the medical sector, and ultimately, could help save lives.   

4. A personal air-quality tracker that lets you know what you’re breathing

How clean is the air you’re breathing? To help answer this question, environmental entrepreneur Romain Lacombe has developed Flow, a personal air-quality tracker. Lacombe provides details about Flow during his TED Talk. In addition, Lacombe describes how people can use Flow to monitor and understand air pollution and improve their health. 

5. The self-assembling computer chips of the future

Technology is evolving, and computer chips need to keep pace. To do so, computer chips must become more powerful  and smaller. Technology developer Karl Skjonnemand examined the potential use of self-assembling computer chips during his TED Talk. With these computer chips at their disposal, technology companies may be able to launch a new era of molecular manufacturing.  

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