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How to Look for a Job While You Are Still Employed

How to Look for a Job While You Are Still Employed

You are currently employed, but you believe better career opportunities may be available elsewhere. The only way to find out: search for a job while you’re still employed.   

It can be difficult to look for a job while you’re currently working  and if you’re not careful, it may feel like you’re working two jobs at once. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to look for a job while you are still employed, such as: 

 1. Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is valuable, regardless of whether you are actively looking for a new job. The social media platform allows prospective employers to find qualified candidates  and could help you differentiate yourself to potential employers. Thus, you need to update your LinkedIn profile, so you can put yourself in a position to land your dream job as quickly as possible 

Take an objective look at your LinkedIn profile and ensure your information is accurate. Also, list your current job skills and title, along with any certifications or awards you have earned. With this information, you can make it easy for prospective employers to find you and review your skills and experience 

2. Set Up Job Interviews Outside of Work Hours

If a prospective employer wants to meet with you over the phone, via video chat, or in person, you should take advantage of this opportunity. Yet, if you work a 9-to-5 job, it can be tough to take time off from work. There is also the concern that your superior could find out you want time off from work to interview for a new position. 

Ultimately, you should try to schedule interviews outside of work hours. Request interviewearly in the morning or late in the afternoon, as this may help you avoid having to ask for time off from your current employer.  

Keep in mind that you can always request vacation or personal time off as well. Or, if possible, ask your employer for a few hours off on a given day, then offer to make up the time you’re away at a later date.  

3. Proceed with Caution

You may be tempted to check out online job boards and reach out to prospective employers while you’re working  but you should never do so. Otherwise, your superior could find out what you’re doing, and you risk losing your job.  

Furthermore, you should never ask your current boss or coworkers to be professional references. On the other hand, if you have prior managers or work colleagues who can attest to your skills and experience, you should ask them to serve as references.  

You should remain persistent in your quest to look for a job while you’re still employed, too. You deserve an exceptional job, and if you do not believe your current role suits your career goals, search for a new position. And when you land this position, you can take the next step in your career.  

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