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Spotting Your Next Rising Star: The Benefits of Promoting from Within

Spotting Your Next Rising Star: The Benefits of Promoting from Within

Let’s face it  every organization is searching for the next rising star. Yet, finding top talent is challenging when you are competing against industry rivals to identify and hire skilled professionals.   

You want top talent across your organization  and you may find that exceptional professionals are in high demandBut, if you are searching for quality professionals, you may want to consider promoting from within your workforce.  

Although your organization may commit significant time and resources to post job listings online and search externally for outstanding candidates, promoting from within is sometimes a superior option. In fact, you can enjoy many benefits if you promote from within, such as:

1. You’re Getting a Known Commodity

By promoting from within, you can hire a current employee to fill a new role within your organization. Since you’re already familiar with this employee, you’re getting a known commodity who you believe is capable of helping your organization in new ways.    

Remember, an employee who displays an ongoing commitment to excellence is likely a strong candidate for a promotion. If you promote from within, you can give this employee a chance to deliver more value to your organization than ever before.  

 2. You Can Speed Up the Onboarding Process 

Adding a new employee can be time-intensive, and it may take several weeks or months to get a new worker up to speed. Comparatively, if you promote from within, you can accelerate the onboarding process.  

A current employee is already familiar with your organization, its processes, and its systems. As such, this employee is well-equipped to hit the ground running and make meaningful contributions in a new role right away.  

3. You Can Reward an Employee

A loyal employee is tough to find  if you identify one, you should do everything you can to keep him or her happy. Thus, if an employee consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to support your organization, you can reward him or her with a promotion.  

 Of course, by promoting a loyal employee, you can put your organization in a position for long-lasting success. Since you know this employee will do what it takes to help your company thrive, your organization may reap the benefits of your decision to promote him or her for years to come.    

 4. You Can Set a Positive Example for Your Workforce

In addition to helping current employees further their careers, promoting from within can play a key role in fostering a positive workplace culture. Because, if employees believe they have the potential to earn promotions, they are likely to do their part to help your organization achieve its goals.  

Promoting from within sets the stage for long-term partnerships with your employees, too. If employees are committed to their craft, they can power your organization’s success. Best of all, these employees can enhance their skill sets and serve as valuable contributors across your organization.  

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