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Streamlining Your Onboarding Process

Streamlining Your Onboarding Process

You want new employees to hit the ground running. The only thing holding them back: a lengthy, complicated onboarding process.  

How quickly you onboard new employees impacts their ability to make meaningful contributions across your business. Yet, if you explore ways to streamline your onboarding process, you may uncover innovative solutions to a wide range of onboarding roadblocks.  

Now, let’s look at five things you can do to improve your onboarding process.  

 1. Assign a Mentor to Each Employee

The first day at a new job can be daunting. But, if you assign a mentor to guide and support a new employee, you can put a worker in a position to succeed starting on day one 

 A mentor can address a new employee’s concerns and questions, as well as offer tips and recommendations to help this worker thrive. Plus, a mentor can introduce a new employee to workers across different departments, explain various everyday operating processes, and more.  

 2. Test an Employee’s Skills Along the Way

You may provide a new employee with a variety of materials to review in the first few days at your company. However, if an employee receives too much information from the get-go, he or she may struggle with information overload.  

Ultimately, it helps to slow down the onboarding process and test a new employee’s knowledge along the way. Provide regular assessments to ensure a new employee understands topics discussed during the onboarding process. That way, you’re certain that an employee understands what it takes to perform a specific role within your business.  

 3. Teach Employees to Become Teachers

The best teachers may be current employees, as these workers previously went through the onboarding process and understand how your business works. Thus, it may be beneficial to provide your employees with opportunities to help onboard new workers.   

Develop a training program that helps current workers teach new ones about your company’s processes and systems. You can then use this program to teach your workers how to help new employees during the onboarding process — and speed up your onboarding process.    

4. Train Multiple Employees at Once

If you are adding multiple new employees at once, you can onboard these workers simultaneously. This allows you to teach new employees about your business and ensure they receive the same information, at the same time.  

Time and resources are limited, but training several new employees at once helps accelerate the onboarding process. In addition, it can help foster camaraderie among new workers.   

5. RequestEmployeeFeedback 

The onboarding process can be constantly improved, so you should follow up with new employees after it is complete. This enables you to find out what these employees learned and if there are any remaining gaps in your onboarding process.  

Evaluate new employees’ feedback about your onboarding process. With this information in hand, you can discover new ways to optimize onboarding across your business.  

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