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5 Tips to Conduct an Effective Performance Review

5 Tips to Conduct an Effective Performance Review

Performance reviews are paramount for global organizations across all industries. They are usually performed annually, bi-annually, or quarterly, and they encourage managers and employees to come together and find ways to achieve common goals. As a result, performance reviews can set the tone for successful partnerships between managers and employees.   

A performance review provides a learning experience for both managers and employees as well. For managers, a performance review lets them share any employee concerns or questions directly with workers and provide feedback. Meanwhile, for employees, a performance review lets them know where they stand with an organization and how they can improve.  

Your approach to a performance review dictates its success. As such, you need to plan for performance reviews, so you can make them valuable learning experiences for all parties involved.  

Now, let’s look at five tips to help you conduct an effective performance review. 

1. Establish Expectations

Let an employee know your expectations at the beginning of the year. Then, you and your employee can establish goals and work together to achieve them. When you conduct a performance review, you and your employee can discuss your progress toward achieving these goals. 

2. Encourage Employees to Prepare fora Performance Review  

Schedule a performance review at a date and time that works well for you and your employee. Additionally, encourage your employee to write down any notable accomplishments over the past year. You can also put together notes about your employee. With notes in hand, both you and your employee will be well-equipped to discuss all aspects of their performance.  

3. Maintain a Consistent Tone

Be honest and forthright with your employee throughout a review, regardless of the worker’s performance. If an employee is performing below expectations, offer tips and recommendations to help him or her improve. Or, if an employee is meeting or exceeding expectations, provide tips and recommendations to help him or her further their career.  

 4. ProvideConstructiveFeedback  

Avoid criticism, and instead, use examples to highlight how your employee has performed well or can improve their performance. All examples should be specific and actionable. That way, your employee can use these examples to uncover ways to maximize their performance going forward.  

5. Remain Calm

Maintain a calm, cool demeanor as you conduct a performance review. Let your employee know that you are available to provide assistance and want to do your part to help him or her achieve the best possible results. An employee may feel frustrated or upset by a performance review, but the review offers an opportunity to improve. By establishing a plan with your employee, you can support your worker and ensure he or she can become a vital contributor to your organization’s success.  

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