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It’s the Holidays AND You’re Working Remote — Here’s How To Stay Motivated

It’s the Holidays AND You’re Working Remote — Here’s How To Stay Motivated

The holiday season can be fun and exciting. At the same time, the season can be challenging, particularly for remote workers.  

This year, many companies are letting employees work remotely due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Yet, remote workers must stay focused on day-to-day tasks  even as holiday preparations get underway.  

When it comes to working remotely during the holidays, it can be tough to stay motivated. Fortunately, there are things you can do to maintain your motivation while you work remotely throughout the holiday season, such as: 

1. Eliminate Holiday Distractions

Limit holiday decorations in your home workspace. Holiday decorations can remind you that you’ll soon get to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends. But, if there are too many holiday decorations set up in your home workspace, they may cause your mind to wander during the workday and hamper your productivity.  

It may be beneficial to set up only a handful of holiday decorations in your home workspace. Small ornaments or other minor holiday decorations may be better choices than large, extravagant ones for your workspace. Additionally, you may want to avoid using holiday lights and similar decorations in your home workspace, as these decorations may be exceedingly bright or noisy.   

2. Stick to Your Routine

Once you develop a remote work routine, stick to it. If you stray from this routine during the holiday season, it may be difficult to complete everyday tasks as planned. Also, the more your shift away from your remote work routine, the more challenging it may become to return to it after the holiday season.  

If you believe your remote work routine may be disrupted during the holiday season, you may want to consider a change of scenery as well. By moving to a different spot in your home to complete work tasks, you may feel reinvigorated. Best of all, you can maintain your motivation while you work from a new spot in your home during the holiday season.  

3. Reward Yourself

Celebrate the holiday season as much as you can, even during the workday. To do so, you can use your work breaks to spend time with family and friends who may be visiting throughout the holidays. Or, you can prepare holiday treats with your loved ones, read holiday cards, and enjoy other holiday activities during these breaks.  

The holiday season only comes once a year, so you should do your best to make the most of this limited time frame. If necessary, you can request time off from work during the holiday season or get up early or stay up late to complete work tasks. In doing so, you can ensure you can simultaneously commemorate the holiday season and stay motivated while you work remotely.  

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