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How to Leave Your Current Job on Good Terms

How to Leave Your Current Job on Good Terms

You have reached a fork in the road in your career: should you stay at your current job or pursue new opportunities? Ultimately, you need to make a decision that puts you in the best position to accomplish your career goals. In some instances, the best choice is to move forward from your current role and quit your job on good terms.  

Tips to Leave Your Current Job on Good Terms 

It can be difficult to tell your employer you are ready to pursue career opportunities elsewhere. Yet, there are several things you can do to exit your current job on good terms, such as: 

1. Provide Plenty of Notice

Give your employer a minimum of two weeks’ notice that you plan to quit. Provide your superior with a short note or letter that explains you are giving your notice and when your final day with the business will be.  

Remain accessible to your superior and peers in the weeks leading up to your final day, too. This ensures you can provide any training or resources to those who will fill your role when you leave. Plus, it shows your employer you are willing to do what’s necessary to help the business before you exit.  

2. Offer Feedback

Be honest with your employer about why you are leaving. Oftentimes, an HR department will schedule an exit interview where you can discuss your current role and why you chose to look elsewhere to grow your career. You can always request a meeting with your superior to share feedback in your final days at your company as well.  

Provide actionable feedback that your company can use to improve. If you can give your employer recommendations and suggestions it can apply to its everyday operations, your business is well-equipped to make improvements. As such, your business can use your feedback to explore ways to enhance its operations and boost the likelihood of attracting and retaining top talent going forward.   

3. Finish Strong

Treat your final days at your business as an opportunity to conclude your tenure with the company on a positive note. Tie up any loose ends and ensure your superior and peers will be able to handle your responsibilities once you’re gone.  

A strong final impression can make a big difference in closing out your tenure on good terms. If you show you are committed to doing your best in your last days, you can take solace in the fact that you did everything possible to leave on good terms.  

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