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5 Questions to Ask a Candidate with a Resume Gap

5 Questions to Ask a Candidate with a Resume Gap

You may encounter job candidate who possesses comprehensive skills and experience but has a gap on their resume. In this instance, it helps to ask questions to find out why the candidate has a resume gap.  

Here are five questions you can use to learn about a job candidate’s resume gap: 

1. Why Are You Currently Out of Work?

Find out why a candidate is not currently working. This allows you to learn about the candidate’s backstory and motivation, which can help you make an informed decision about whether to hire him or her.  

2. What Are You Currently Doing?

Ask a candidate what he or she is currently doing to further their career growth. This gives you a glimpse into how a candidate is taking steps toward achieving their career goals.  

3. What Do You Like Most About What You Are Currently Doing?

Get insights into what a candidate enjoys most about what he or she is currently doing. This helps you understand a candidate’s attitude and how his or her approach to the challenges associated with being unemployed.    

4. What Do You Dislike Most About What You Are Currently Doing?

Learn what a candidate wants to change about their current situation. This helps you see how a role with your company may help this candidate accomplish their career goals.  

5. What Do You Feel Like You’ve Learned During This Time?

Identify what a candidate has learned during their time off from work and how he or she can apply it to their future endeavors. A candidate who embraces learning opportunities will likely do the same in a role with your company.  

Tips to Evaluate a Candidate with a Resume Gap 

To determine if a candidate with a resume gap is the best fit for a role, you should: 

1. Consider the Role

Assess the candidate’s ability to handle the responsibilities associated with the role. If a candidate has been out of work for an extended period of time, he or she may require additional training to get back up to speed to handle these responsibilities. In this instance, you may want to look elsewhere to find a candidate who has recent industry experience.  

2. Remain Objective

Try not to remove a candidate from consideration for a role-based solely on a gap on their resume. Conversely, if you feel good about a candidate, let him or her move through the interview process. At this point, you can offer a test assignment or short-term role to see how he or she performs. You can also get other colleagues or superiors involved in the interview process.  

3. Get a Second Opinion

Ask colleagues or superiors to interview a candidate. This allows you to get a second opinion on whether a candidate is the right fit for a role.  

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