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3 Benefits Recent Graduates Want to See in a Job Offer

3 Benefits Recent Graduates Want to See in a Job Offer

Your business wants top job candidates to join its team. To achieve your goal, you can pursue recent graduates and provide them with exceptional benefits.  

What Benefits Should You Provide to Recent Graduates? 

A recent American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) survey highlighted recent graduates’ most-desired workplace benefits. According to the survey, here are the top three benefits to offer recent graduates: 

1. Health Insurance

Approximately 54% of survey respondents cited health insurance as the top benefit they want from employers. Thus, if you provide healthcare benefits to recent graduates, you could help your company stand out to highly qualified job candidates.  

Your company can provide multiple healthcare plans to recent graduates. This gives graduates the flexibility to select health insurance that aligns with their requirements.  

Along with health insurance, your company can reward employees who take care of their health. You can offer wellness programs that encourage workers that provide additional benefits to employees who meet certain health criteria. With these programs, you can further distinguish your company to recent graduates.  

2. Paid Time Off (PTO)

 PTO is a big deal, regardless of the company. It ranked second in AICPA’s survey in terms of the most-desired workplace benefits among recent graduates, and your company should account for PTO accordingly.  

Flexible PTO can make a world of difference when it comes to attracting recent graduates. For instance, letting workers roll over unused PTO gives them the flexibility to utilize it at their convenience. This also helps workers avoid unused PTO altogether.  

You can gradually increase workers’ PTO based on how long they stay with your company. This allows you to reward loyal employees. It can help your business encourage recent graduates to remain with your business long into the future, too.  

3. Student Loan Forgiveness

In AICPA’s survey, student loan forgiveness ranked third among the most-desired workplace benefits for recent graduates. If your company can help recent graduates pay off their student loans, you’re well-equipped to generate interest from outstanding job candidates. 

Your business can offer financial assistance to help recent graduates cover their student loans. Even offering to cover a small percentage of an employee’s student loans can go a long way in your quest to recruit top talent.  

Furthermore, your company can provide financial management programs to recent graduates. These programs can provide employees with tips and recommendations to help them manage their finances now and in the future.  

Want to Add Recent Graduates to Your Team? Partner with Techneeds 

The workplace benefits you offer can play a major role in your company’s ability to generate interest from recent graduates. In addition to offering the aforementioned workplace benefits, there are other things you can do to draw recent graduates to your company. 

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