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5 Ways to Research a Company for Your Job Interview

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5 Ways to Research a Company for Your Job Interview

You should learn as much as possible about a company before a job interview. That way, you can find out what the business is all about. Plus, you can determine appropriate attire for your interview and put together a list of questions to ask your interviewer.

The bottom line: researching a company before an interview can help you land your ideal job. Yet, you need to get the most value out of your research. If you know how to research a company properly, you’re well-equipped to get the insights you need to succeed during your interview.

How to Research a Company for Your Job Interview

Here are five ways to research a company for your job interview.

1. Check Out the Company’s Website

Visit the company’s website. Here, you can read about the company’s history and industry experience. You can also learn about the business’s products, services, and support.

Pay close attention to the company’s mission and values listed on its site. This can give you a glimpse into how the business evaluates job candidates. It can help you see if you are a good fit for what the company wants, too.

2. Assess the Company’s Social Media Pages

Along with the company’s website, browse the business’ social media pages. Find out what the company publishes on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, like or follow the company on various social media websites as needed.

A business’s social media pages can show you what information it wants to share with the general public. It can provide insights into how frequently it engages with its customers and employees as well.

3. Evaluate the Company on Business Review Websites

Take a look at what past and current employees are saying about a company on Glassdoor and other business review websites. If workers frequently rave about a business, it’s a positive sign that you may want to do everything you can to land a job with the company. Comparatively, if employees often complain about a company, you may want to reconsider whether to move forward with your interview.

Business review websites can provide a wide range of insights into a company. But, read each review carefully. This can help you identify trends or patterns relating to how employees perceive a company. In addition, it can give you insights you can use to conduct an in-depth evaluation of a business.

4. Leverage Google News

Take advantage of Google News to see if a company has been in the news recently. This allows you to see what a business has been doing to grow.

Don’t forget to utilize a Google search for a business, either. Then, you can see what results about the company appear at the top of your search.

5. Use Your Professional Connections

Engage with peers who currently or previously worked at a company. Next, you can get firsthand insights into what it’s like to work with a business.

Find the Right Job at the Right Company

Research is key if you are preparing for a job interview. And, if you need additional help getting ready for interviews and completing your job search, Techneeds can offer assistance.

We are a professional staffing agency that is committed to your success. Our staffing specialists can help you identify great job opportunities that align with your career expectations. To learn more, please contact us today.