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Want to Find Top Talent? Update Your Job Descriptions

Update Your Job Descriptions to Get More Applicants
Want to Find Top Talent? Update Your Job Descriptions

A job description explains the role you want to fill and who you want to hire for this position. If you share job descriptions that are difficult to understand, top talent is unlikely to apply for roles with your company. Conversely, if you update your job descriptions and ensure they align with candidates’ expectations, you’re well equipped to receive applications from job seekers who can make a difference in your business.

How to Update Your Job Descriptions

Here are four tips to help you update your job descriptions and ensure they hit the mark with job seekers.

1. Consider the Candidate’s Perspective

Think about why a candidate would want to join your business. In addition, consider the role you want to fill. From here, you can craft a job description that accounts for the candidate’s perspective. This description can explain the roles and responsibilities associated with the vacancy. It can also describe what you want to find in your ideal candidate. With this information at a candidate’s disposal, he or she can make an informed decision about whether to submit their application.

2. Describe the Skills Required to Succeed

Provide as much information as you can about the skills required to thrive in a role with your business. Oftentimes, it helps to make a list of skills you want to find in your ideal candidate and include it in your job description. This list can include a combination of hard and soft skills. Ultimately, it helps a candidate understand if their skills align with those required for a particular role.

3. Explain Your Metrics

Describe how a candidate will be evaluated if he or she fills a role with your company. Explain any key performance indicators (KPIs) or other metrics you’ll use to track the results of the candidate who accepts the position. This shows a candidate that he or she will have specific goals in this role. Then, a candidate can determine if he or she can consistently accomplish these goals.

4. Avoid Fluff

Keep your job description clear and concise. Resist the urge to add unnecessary information that can otherwise confuse or alienate a candidate. Instead, focus on the main roles and responsibilities associated with the role and other relevant information. And remember, if a candidate has questions about a job, he or she can reach out for more information.

Update Your Job Descriptions and Attract Top Talent

Review each job description before you share it with job candidates. Verify that the description meets the needs of candidates and your business. Next, evaluate the results of your description. If you’re receiving applications from outstanding candidates, your description is working well. Or, if you’re still struggling to get applications from top candidates, you may need extra help.

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