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What Are the Best Employer Benefits and Perks for Parents?

perks to help parents thrive
What Are the Best Employer Benefits and Perks for Parents?

Your business wants all of its employees to feel appreciated and valued. As part of your efforts, you may want to consider providing additional benefits and perks to a potentially underappreciated and undervalued group of employees: working parents. 

By supporting working parents, you can help staff members feel their best at work and outside of it. For instance, you can offer benefits and perks to help working maintain a healthy work-life balance. That way, these employees can perform well at work. At the same time, they will have ample time to enjoy their lives outside of work.

Ultimately, there are many benefits and perks you can provide to working parents. These include:

1. Flexible Work Schedules

Let working parents maintain flexible work schedules. Then, they can complete work tasks without having to worry about missing important moments in their families lives.

Oftentimes, it helps to work with a parent to find a schedule that corresponds to their life outside of work. For instance, you can let a parent work early-morning hours if he or she spends their afternoons with their children. Or, you can allow a parent to work nights, so he or she can pick up and drop off their kids at school during the week.

2. Remote Work Opportunities

Give parents the opportunity to work from home. You can provide a parent with tools and technologies for remote work communication and collaboration. Next, this employee can perform myriad work tasks without disrupting their at-home schedule.

Of course, if you let parents work remotely, keep the lines of communication open with them. Encourage remote employees to reach out via phone, email, or other communication methods with any concerns or questions. Also, host regular meetings to ensure these workers get the support they need to succeed.

3. Paid Parental Leave

U.S. employers are not required to provide their workers with paid parental leave. Regardless, offering paid parental leave shows your workers you care about them. It enables you to give your workers sufficient time to focus on what’s most important: their families. Furthermore, providing paid parental leave can help your company distinguish itself from rivals. And in the long run, it may help you recruit top talent.

If you offer paid parental leave, provide it to both mothers and fathers. This allows you to highlight your company’s devotion to inclusion. It can also help you boost employee satisfaction and retention.

The Bottom Line on Benefits and Perks for Parents

You can provide a wide range of benefits and perks to parents. To determine which ones best suit your workforce, conduct employee questionnaires and surveys. From here, you can identify the right benefits and perks for parents. You can then update your employee compensation and benefits packages accordingly.

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