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Why You Need to Add Keywords to Your Resume

Why You Need to Add Keywords to Your Resume

Employers search far and wide for quality job candidates. Yet, they may miss your resume if you do not add keywords to it.

There are many reasons to add keywords to your resume, including:

1. You Can Make Your Resume More Searchable Than Ever Before.

Businesses often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sort through resumes. The systems help companies quickly and easily search for top talent. However, they typically rely on keywords to speed up the process of identifying the right candidates for specific roles.

With the right keywords, you can make your resume more searchable in ATS. If employers look for a certain term or phrase in ATS, they can find your resume. From here, they may discover why you are the ideal candidate to fill a particular role.

2. You Can Show Your Interest in a Job.

Companies want job candidates that understand what a role entails. In addition, they seek candidates who have skills and experience that align with a role.

You can include keywords in your resume that show an employer you reviewed a job description. These keywords can show an employer you may have what it takes to thrive in a role with their company. They may lead an employer to follow up with you and request an interview.

3. You Can Accelerate Your Job Search.

A job search can be a long, arduous process. You may submit your resume to dozens of employers. Regardless, businesses may consistently ignore your resume.

By using the right keywords, you can help employers see what you have to offer. At this point, companies may want to engage with you and consider you for myriad roles. Thus, the right keywords can help you accelerate your job search and land your dream role.

How to Add Keywords to Your Resume

To add keywords to your resume, you need to know which ones to use. Oftentimes, it helps to review the terms and phrases used in a job description. You can then include similar terms and phrases in your resume.

Furthermore, check out an employer’s website. Look for terms and phrases that a business uses to describe its mission, values, and goals. You can include these terms and phrases in your resume as well.

As you add keywords, ensure they complement the rest of your resume. Keywords should be relevant to the job you want to land. Otherwise, they can inadvertently hurt your chances of securing your ideal job.

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Along with adding keywords, you should tailor your resume based on the job you are pursuing. This ensures you can provide an employer with a resume that aligns with its expectations. Most importantly, you can help your resume stand out from others.

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