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4 Tips to Choose Your Best Job References

4 Tips to Choose Your Best Job References

Your job references may include former supervisors, managers, colleagues, or coworkers. These individuals can endorse your work ethic, character, and relevant skills and qualifications for the job you want.

Your references impact whether you receive a job offer. As a result, you want to provide references with positive things to say about your work performance.

Implement these four tips to provide a hiring manager with your best job references.

1. Consider Your Potential Job References

Think about what a former supervisor, manager, colleague, or coworker may say about your work performance. You want someone who can provide positive feedback about your abilities and accomplishments.

Your references should speak highly of your job-related skills, personality traits, and contributions. This shows you qualify for the role and fit with the company culture.

A former supervisor or manager can provide examples of your work performance and the value you added to the organization. This shows you prioritize positive working relationships with your superiors.

If you know an employee at the company you want to work for, include them in your list of potential job references. Having an internal connection increases your odds of landing a job. This is especially true if the hiring manager knows the employee and trusts their judgment.

2. Request Permission to Include Your Job References

Ask each individual if they are comfortable having you list them as a job reference. This shows professionalism and respect. It also lets your references prepare to give a positive recommendation.

Request each job reference’s contact information and preferred method of communication. This includes their full name, job title, work address, phone number, and email address. Providing your references’ current information helps a hiring manager get in touch with them.

3. Update Your Job References on Your Career

Provide each job reference with a copy of your resume, portfolio samples, and other relevant materials. Also, let them know about your recent projects and top achievements related to your desired job.

Talk with each job reference about the company you want to work for and the job title. Share why you applied for the position and what your qualifications are. This helps your references understand what to point out if a hiring manager contacts them.

4. Keep Your References Informed About Your Job Search

Let your job references know whether you advance in the interview process. They may receive a call from a hiring manager soon after. This provides time for your references to prepare and effectively endorse you.

Share with your references whether you accept a job offer. Thank them for their part in helping you land the role. Offer to return the favor when needed.

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