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7 Skills to List on Your Machine Assembler Resume

machine assembler
7 Skills to List on Your Machine Assembler Resume

Working as a machine assembler is important for the manufacturing process. You join parts and subassemblies to produce components that create products to fill consumers’ needs.

As a result, machine assembly experience, fast skill development, and the ability to follow directions are required to find a new role. Including relevant details such as these on your resume helps you secure the position you desire.

Include these seven skills on your machine assembler resume to help land an interview.

1. Assembly Instructions

  • Complete setups: adjust, repair, and operate automatic assembly equipment that manufactures ball bearing draw slides
  • Use assembly instructions, wire diagrams, blueprints, wire list, and bill of materials to assemble electronic and mechanical equipment
  • Interpret schematic drawings, diagrams, blueprints, and work orders to determine material requirements or assembly instructions

2. Subassemblies

  • Perform complex wiring on finished subassemblies
  • Use measuring instruments, blueprint lines, and index points to position and align subassemblies in jigs or fixtures
  • Use work instructions to assemble, repair, test, and maintain assemblies and subassemblies of oilfield tools

3. Component Parts

  • Verify PC boards, cables, connectors, and small component parts for soldering to electronic boards
  • Inspect units to find malfunctions and adjust, repair, or replace component parts according to specifications
  • Interpret and follow assembly drawings, diagrams, and schematics to find component parts and assembly sequence

4. Torque Wrenches

  • Use air tools, torque wrenches, overhead cranes, and manual tools to refurbish continual operating steel molds
  • Perform regular maintenance on pneumatic tools, including oiling and replacing drill bits and maintaining torque wrenches
  • Read blueprints and follow work instructions using torque wrenches and hand tools to finish work

5. Safety Procedures

  • Follow safety procedures and quality guidelines to safely and efficiently perform work
  • Use safety equipment in line with company, OSHA, and ISO 9000 standards
  • Practice safety procedures to maintain safe work environment

6. Assembly Line

  • Manage day-to-day maintenance and inspection of assembly line equipment
  • Collaborate in teams of three in an assembly line to meet or exceed production deadlines and goals
  • Work with mast assembly line supervisor to find and correct defects before receiving masts for installation

7. Electrical Systems

  • Rewire electrical systems and repair or replace electrical accessories
  • Perform quality inspections to assess electrical systems
  • Test and troubleshoot shipboard electrical systems

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