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Level Up Your Manufacturing Career

Level Up Your Manufacturing Career

With millions of job openings in the manufacturing field, now is the time to level up your career. The range of opportunities means there is at least one that fits your goals and interests.

Understanding the knowledge, skills, and experience that are most valued in the industry provides a foundation for the next step in your career path. This helps determine which type of role to pursue.

Implement these tips to begin leveling up your manufacturing career today.

Learn Manufacturing Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, quoting software, computer-aided design (CAD) systems, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems, and coordinate measuring machine (CMM) programs are commonly used in manufacturing companies. Understanding the types of software needed for engineering, machining, quality, or automation can help level up your manufacturing career.

Develop Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing

Geometric dimension and tolerancing (GD&T) is the language of manufacturing. As the parts and relationships between features continue to grow in complexity, tolerances get higher. This lets engineers continue to create new products.

Excelling in GD&T lets you advance in the programming and production side of precision manufacturing. It also helps you level up your manufacturing career.

Focus on Machine Tooling

Staying current with tooling technology helps you turn a design engineer’s idea into reality. The tooling you help create can solve problems involving the CNC machine and material. Consider using the resources provided by quality machine tool companies to stay current on machine tool technology.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Find information on manufacturing through social media platforms. For instance, you can read articles, watch videos, view ads, and participate in discussions about machining and tooling. Then, you can find opportunities to apply what you learned and see your results.

Using platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Reddit lets you increase your knowledge about the industry. This helps you level up your manufacturing career.

Continuously Learn About Manufacturing

Being a student of the industry lets you continuously develop your knowledge, skills, and experience. This includes topics such as machining tools, inspection methods, material science, automation, programming, and supply chain.

Continuously learning about manufacturing helps you evolve along with the industry. You can use industry resources and have ongoing conversations with experts to stay informed about the field. This provides increased access to opportunities that let you level up your manufacturing career.

Find a Mentor

Learn from the knowledge, skills, experience, and accomplishments of a mentor in the industry. Their coaching can shorten your learning curve and help you develop new ways of thinking. All of this can help level up your manufacturing career.

Ready to Advance Your Manufacturing Career?

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